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Happiness & Success Coaching

“The world will be saved by the western woman” – Dalai Lama

Are you a creative, entrepreneurial woman who is feeling stuck, bored, dissatisfied or lacking direction?

Do you know you have gifts to share with the world but have trouble creating a strategy and taking action?

Before I trained as a clinical psychologist, I had a successful Sydney-based coaching practice and I worked with smart, creative entrepreneurial women (well, mostly women with a couple of equally talented blokes thrown into the mix) and it was probably the most fulfilling work I have ever done.

Playing a part in the personal transformation of brilliant women and watching them step up and start doing the work they are most passionate about is the best feeling ever!

I’ve opened my coaching doors again because I’m with the Dalai Lama on this one. I believe the world needs more women to make a powerful contribution to the world.

If you’re thinking of working with me, here is how to know whether we’re likely to be a good fit:


  • an entrepreneur, creative or change-maker who has plenty of passion and energy but is maybe a little low on self-belief or an actual PLAN for getting started or growing to the next level;
  • struggling to find the JOY in your creative enterprise. What used to be fun and come so easily is starting to feel a lot like hard work with little to no reward;
  • willing to take action but need expert guidance and direction about the best action to take;
  • absolutely certain you are meant for something MORE but can’t seem to push through the three big Ps – procrastination, perfectionism and people-pleasing;
  • pretty sure you’ve got old ‘stuff’ stopping you from achieving success (childhood crap, limiting beliefs etc) but you don’t need therapy – you just want someone who “gets it” and is not afraid of your full human complexity (we are all human and all have our own stuff, you can trust me on that!);
  • willing to invest in yourself and your business.

As for ME:

  • I believe the world needs more passionate, creative women to find their voice, express their gifts and do great things in the world (and get paid what they deserve).
  • I’m a Clinical and Coaching psychologist with almost 15yrs of experience. (To put that into perspective, I was coaching my own clients and training coaches before Facebook even existed. Yes, that long ago!) I was one of the first graduates of the University of Sydney’s Master of Science (Coaching Psychology) program and have worked with hundreds of clients since I started as a coach in 2003.
  • I have run my own businesses, I’ve worked for other people, I’ve managed staff and I have achieved every goal I’ve ever set for myself. I’m a wife and mother. I’m passionate about animal welfare. I’m a lover of good coffee and fine wine.

Coaching will help you create a happier, more purposeful, rich and fulfilling life.

Coaching programs are sold as a package and sessions are conducted by phone or skype.

To find out more about how I can help you move forward in your life, career or business, please contact me for a chat and we can work out which coaching package is right for you.

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