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The Living Wise Blog

It’s A Jungle Out There

It’s a jungle out there

I'm writing this from a traditional longhouse in Malaysian Borneo where my daughter and I are spending the night. I have limited internet and am using this opportunity to let…

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Don’t Let Comparison Steal Your Joy

Don’t let comparison steal your joy

It’s almost impossible not to notice how we’re doing relative to other people, whether in terms of our career success, financial position, relationship status or physical appearance. It’s so common,…

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Three Ways To Manage Worry

Three ways to manage worry

Worry is the unpleasant mental habit of imagining real or potential problems. We are hard-wired to worry because our brains are primed to focus on potential threats to our survival.…

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What Are Your Values?

What are your values?

Let’s talk for a minute about values. You might have heard the term bandied around by coaches, in self-help books, or even at work. But still a lot of people…

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Are The Crazies Driving The Bus?

Are the crazies driving the bus?

Life’s a journey, and you’re travelling by bus (it's a tired cliché but stay with me on this). You get to steer the bus wherever you want to go. Sometimes you…

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Making Space The KonMari Way

Making space the KonMari way

Despite my best efforts to keep things clean and tidy around here, I'm afraid my house in the past few months has become one massive, disorganised mess. Papers and books…

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Have You Asked For What You Want?

Have you asked for what you want?

I can't believe it is less than a week until Christmas and the new year is literally around the corner. How did that happen? It feels like this year has flown by, but…

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